Legacy / Trapped Premium Collection

What we do

JMD stimulate the payment of premiums on legacy years of account where, to date, JMD has realised in excess of £280m of legacy / trapped premium.

We do not handle cash – all premiums are paid via signings or directly to underwriters.

Legacy premiums may not form part of our clients’ outstanding debtors as they may not be aware that these premiums are owed to them – they remain unpaid for a number of reasons. For example:

  • Old years’ premium signings are generally associated with archived files, movements of broking teams, processing problems, partial client settlements and general difficulties in achieving signings
  • The signing process often involves substantial broker effort and cost and resource has to be diverted from the administration of current business.

All of these factors can conspire to seriously delay the payment of these premiums to underwriters.


JMD has a track record of successful collections and the deliverables from our service are:

  • Increased profitability from unbudgeted premium collections
  • Positive balance sheet impact from additional cash flow
  • No risk to our clients – JMD are only remunerated when successful
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